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Nueva Carta 

Join us on a trip around the world!


Trastienda Salad (Murcia) 6,00€

Mayonnaise with soy, leek, bacon, turkey and a touch of red pesto.

Hueva de Mujo con almendras (Mar Menor) 17.00€

50 grams of mullet roe with almonds. 

1/2 Hueva de Mújol con Almendras (Mar Menor) 8.00€

25 grams of mullet roe with almonds.

Avocado Salad (Oslo) €11.50

Mezclum lettuce, with smoked salmon and tempura avocado seasoned with tartar sauce and cherry tomatoes marinated in olive oil.

Quinoa Salad (Lima, Peru) 9.00€

Kimchi mayonnaise, chopped vegetables, shrimp and chicken with rice paper, eel sauce and smoked salmon.

Tomato Salad (Andalusia) €11.00

Kumato tomato, white onion, baby capers and piparra.

Huerto de verduras (MURCIA) 9.00€

Jerusalem artichoke cream with olive soil and artichoke flower.

Squid Roll (Madrid) 4.00€

Andalusian-style squid with citrus mayonnaise and qual egg.

Pork Roll (Japan) 3.50€

Low-temperature pork ribs, Japanese sauce, and chili mayonnaise.

Duck Panipuri Pekín (Beijing) 2.50€

Duck bechamel with hoisin sauce, carrot and leek strips.

Chop Croquettes (San Sebastian) 2,50€

Beef steak with sesame mayonnaise.

Baby Squid Croquettes (Getaria) 2,50€

Baby squid in its ink with Wasabi mayonnaise.

Tuna Taco (Cartagena) 5,00€

Wheat tortilla with tuna marinated in soy, chamomile mayonnaise, red onion, piparra and chopped almonds.

Chicken Scallops (Mexico City) 9,00€

Homemade chicken fingers macerated in mole and coated in panko.

Tiger Gyoza (Shangai) 2.50€

Shrimp gyoza with its coral.

Low-temperature egg (Lyon) 12.00€

Low-temperature egg with Boletus crean, chiquillo cracklings and crispy parmesan.




Guarras (New York) 7.00€ (with baked bacon, chipotle sauce, cheddar, fried onion, pickles and kimchi)

Potato wedges

Crisper (with a sauce of your choice)* € 2.00

Potato wedges

Brutas (with a sauce of your choice)* € 2.00

Baby potatoes with skin

Classic (with a sauce of your choice)* € 2.00

Stick potatoes


Chipotle (very spicy)

Kimchie (slightly spicy)

Burger (spicy sauce)

Honey and soy

* Extra sauce € 0.50



Stray Dog (Egypt) €8.50

Pita bread with confit Iberian secret, pickled mussels and a kinchie and hoisin mayonnaise.

La Trastienda Chicken Sandwich (Cádiz, Spain) 12,00€

Baked chicken breast with egg yolk, dijon, iceberg lettuce, dried tomato, cheese and bacon.

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich (Berlin) 12,00€

Long brioche, stewed cheek, gherkin, watercress, mushroom, almonds, San Simón cheese.

Dog Mexico (Taxco) 14,00€

Bradwaost sausage, avocado, lime, onion tomato, nachos, valentina sauce, brioche bread.


Eggs with Potatoes 7,00€

Combined plate of fried eggs with crisper potatoes.

Chicken Scallops (Mexico City) 9,00€

Homemade chicken fingers macerated in mole and coated in panko.


Noodles to combine €9.00

Papardelle to combine with what you prefer

    - Tomato

    - Tuna

    - Bacon

    - Sautéed vegetables

    - Parmesan Cheese

    - Oil


Cheese Strong Burger (London) € 13.00

White bread, oak leaf, mayonnaise, stirlton, bacon, 180gr of matured meat.


Solomillo de Ternera (Galicia) € 22.00

Grilled beef tenderloin with potatoes and meat juice.

Steak Tartar (Papeete, French Polynesia) € 18.00

Minced beef tenderloin seasoned with mustard, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, capers and piparra.

Solomillo Ibérico de Bellota (Extremadura) € 27.00

400 grams of acorn-fed Iberian pork tenderloin with truffle parmentier.

1/2 Solomillo de Ternera (Galicia) € 14.00

200 grams of acorn-fed Iberian pork tenderloin with truffle parmentier.

Cachopo Air Force One (Asturias) € 24.00

Breaded veal stuffed with Iberian ham and cheese finished with truffled butter, low-temperature egg and potato garnish.


Red prawn fideuá (Valencia) 16,00€

Red prawn fideuá pasta with the juice of their heads and black garlic alioli.

Cod in tempura (San Sebastian) €9.00

And candied piquillo peppers, ratatouille and apple ali oli.

Carpaccio of shrimp 19,00€

Fresh shrimp rolled in American sauce, wasabi mayonnaise, tobiko roe and tonkatsu.

Fresh pasta €9.00

Papardelle sautéed with fresh vegetables, bacon and soy.

Sea bass with Thai sauce and vegetables €18.00

Fried loins in chickpea flour accompanied with vegetables and Thai sauce, served on its backbone.

Vegetables in Tempura 9,00€

Carrot, eggplant, zucchini, green pepper, red pepper and onion.


Apple cake with ice cream (Mallorca) 8,50€

Fine caramelized puff pastry, with natural apple, syrup, and Vanilla ice cream.

Liquid cheesecake (Paris) €9.50

Biscuit-based creamy cheese coulant, accompanied by blueberry and red fruit ice cream.

Torrija with Nougat ice cream (Lion) 8,00€

Creamy French toast with cinnamon toffee and nougat ice cream from Jijona.

Hot chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream (Washington) €9.50

Giant liquid chocolate cookie baked and topped with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream.


Chocolate € 5.00
Asian € 5.00
Tangerine with passion fruit € 5.00
Macadamia nougat € 5.00
Vanilla and toffee € 5.00
Lemon and mint € 5.00
Dulce de leche € 5.00

Violet € 5.00
Roasted apple with Normandy cider € 5.00



* Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 Establishment with information available on allergies and food intolerances.
Request information from our staff.

Bread and Breadsticks 1,50 €
Breadsticks 0,75 €

Prices with VAT *


In accordance with the provisions of REGULATION (EU) No. 1169/2011 on food information provided to consumers, we inform our customers that the products included in the menu may contain allergens or traces thereof. For more information consult our staff.

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